City Advisory Committee

The Sunny Isles Beach City Advisory Committee’s mission is to assist the City Commission in developing policies in matters relating to capital projects, long-range technical matters, planning & zoning matters, social welfare issues, tourism/development, procurement, ethics, public safety, and cultural and fine arts enrichment.

The Advisory Committee has the authority to create sub-committees to address the foregoing policies. The Advisory Committee may also propose the adoption of policies to the City Commission.

The Advisory Committee meets six times during the year, and the meetings are open to the public, and public participation is welcomed. The Committee reports to the City Commission addressing specific issues, lends professional expertise, and facilitates community discussion.

Advisory Committee appointments are for a one-year term.

If you would like to contact a member of the City Advisory Committee, you may do so via email at: [email protected] or you may go through the Office of the City Clerk.