Members of the ESAC

Environment Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC)

The Environment Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC) is a committee made up of qualified citizens who are appointed by the City Commission. The Committee works closely with their local government on issues related to green initiatives and sustainable development.

What Does the ESAC Do?

Members of the ESAC will serve a one-year term for calendar year 2022. Appointments will automatically expire on December 31, unless re-appointed by the City Commission. Applicants will be selected to advise the City Commission and make recommendations including, but not limited to:

  • Promote robust, inclusive, and sustainable growth and development;
  • Protect and preserve natural resources to support a healthy and resilient community;
  • Reduce climate change impacts to protect public health and the environment;
  • Improve capacity for climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies;
  • Improve the quality of life for all residents by creating a sustainable and equitable community;
  • Advance environmental justice and equity; and
  • Promote the overall protection of the environment, stimulate the economy, and support social equity.

Meetings will be scheduled at least two weeks in advance and held on a mutually convenient date. No more than 6 meetings are expected in any given year. Members must be willing to comply with procedures and requirements for all City Advisory Boards, including but not limited to, Sunshine and Public Records Law, and financial disclosure requirements.


All current appointments to the ESAC have been filled, but the public is welcome to participate during committee meetings. Applications open yearly at the end of each calendar year.

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We welcome input and participation from the public. If you would like to contact the ESAC, you can do so at the link below.

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