“City Ordinance Prohibits Skateboards on Two Major Thoroughfares…”

#04 The skate park is a great place to practice tricks
The skate park at Town Center Park is a great place to practice tricks.

September 16, 2014

On June 19, 2014, the City Commission approved and enacted a City Ordinance, (NO.2014-432) that prohibits the riding of skateboards and other related forms of transportation and movement, on Collins Avenue and Sunny Isles Beach Blvd.

It is no secret that the sidewalks along Collins Avenue are extremely busy with pedestrians of varying ages from small infants and toddlers in strollers to senior citizens who walk to various locations in the city. There is a “competition”, if you will, for space and the sidewalk does not allow much room or for speeds that a SKATEBOARD reaches. With those parameters in mind, the City Commission felt a safety ordinance was justified which prohibits the use of: SKATEBOARDS, ROLLER BLADES, SCOOTERS, and SEGWAYS in specific locations.

In an effort to educate the public, brochures containing complete information and details were produced and made available to residents and visitors to the city at a variety of locations. The primary points of distribution were at the local school and at Pelican Park where most users of skateboards attend.

Side streets off of Collins Avenue and the Sunny Isles Beach Boulevard were not affected by the Ordinance. And of course there is a skate park in the city for those desiring to use that venue for riding. SKATEBOARDERS are reminded to carry your “boards” to and from locations along Collins Avenue until you reach your destination or a side street you plan on using.

It is the hope of the commission and the police department, who is tasked with enforcement of the ordinance, that compliance and obeying the ordinance will prevail. No one wants to issue citations or orders for community service alternatives, but an ordinance is the same as law and we have to obey and enforce if necessary. Penalties include verbal warnings, community service and/or a fine as prescribed by the ordinance.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation including parents and guardians to help with the implementation of this ordinance, which was put in place to ensure the safety of all our residents and visitors.

For questions regarding this ordinance please call Community Policing at 305.947.4440.