This is a photo of the Norman S. Edelcup Community School.

Investing In Our Children’s Education by Protecting School Boundaries

By Dana Goldman, Commissioner

(June 2, 2016) – Cracking down on parents who lie about their home addresses so their kids can attend our A+ rated school is a top priority for me and the City Commission. At a City Commission meeting, several of my constituents, including my neighbor, voiced their concerns.
In a poignant presentation, my neighbor asked the Commission to address this problem because she believed that the Miami-Dade County School Board failed to act on resident complaints regarding parents submitting false information to our school. Like my neighbor and other residents, we have complained loudly to the School Board about this exact issue. Our complaint has been heard.

The City and the School Board are negotiating an agreement to crack down on “district jumpers” and ensure that they enforce its current policies to verify residency. Submitting false documents to a school official may lead to criminal prosecution. Under their current policies, anyone who knowingly makes a false statement in writing to mislead a school official is guilty of a second-degree misdemeanor and anyone who knowingly makes a false verified declaration (written statement under oath) is guilty of perjury, which is a third-degree felony, under Florida law.

The School Board has the tools to protect our school. Our City has invested millions of dollars for our school. The Commission will protect this investment by working with them to crack down on “district jumpers” through an agreement for the upcoming school year.