Photo of the new SIB Resident ID Card.

Resident ID Card Update

(Tuesday, August 1, 2017) – The Cultural & Community Services Department extends a warm thank you to all 2,400 plus of our residents that have graciously come into compliance with the new Resident ID Card requirements in the past 2 months. Working together, with your extra effort and ours, we have greatly increased the value of this free card. With nearly 17% of applications being found fraudulent, we have weeded out those that have taken advantage of your tax dollars. Our CCSD team also deserves a note of gratitude. They have worked diligently to process all of these new applications in record time! When you visit a Customer Service station at either the Government Center or Pelican Community Park, you may not realize that they have served dozens of residents with the same questions right before you. They continue to do so patiently, politely and professionally. A great round of applause to all of you on both sides of the counter!

Check Your SIB Resident ID Card

Beginning July 1, 2017, a valid SIB Resident ID Card is required to receive any resident benefits. This includes but is not limited to After School Program registration, child and adult programs and Cultural Event trips. The City will be enforcing stricter requirements to obtain the SIB Resident ID Card as stated below.

Residence Qualification

In order to receive the resident rate, you must obtain a Sunny Isles Beach Resident ID Card. A government-issued photo ID must be presented for identification purposes, in addition to at least THREE of the following documents:

  • Current deed or lease. A lease must be accompanies by a letter form condo/management office stating who resides in the unit
  • Utility bill i.e. electric, phone, or cable dated within the last 3 months.
  • Current car registration and insurance.
  • Credit/Debit card statement dated within the last 3 months.

All documents must be valid and include the residential address used on registration form.

All document addresses must match address on Resident ID Card application. Also, please note that all SIB Resident ID cards issued moving forward will be effective for only 1 year from the date of issue.